Procedural Training

Parts Ordering

The goal is to ensure quality parts are being purchased at the best prices available on the market. Working to ensure parts vendors meet and/or exceed service level expectations of our clients. We will train adjusters in how to utilize all available tools to improve the ordering process, from an efficiency position and a cost effectiveness position.

Inspection Process

Inspections are a necessary cost of doing business. Working with our clients to ensure all inspection brokers are completing inspections according to clients' service expectation, including improving daily work efficiency. Training on the proper skills in utilizing inspection processes and how to interpret the inspection reports so our clients can make a good business decision.

Labor Authorization Process

Utilizing systems tools and understanding the landscape of labor pricing, will give adjusters confidence in rejecting, accepting and/or negotiating the labor rate prior to authorization. In addition, TPA Risk Management assist in establishing a fair market labor rate which many third party administrators lack.

Labor rate

Providing fair market competitive labor rate tools and assisting third party administrators in developing controls to ensure the fair market labor rates are followed, so repair shops are not using and/or modifying labor rates as they go, which can cause higher claims cost. Labor rates and approval processes will be implemented and monitored on a regular basis

Claims Procedure

Following specific, consistent and documented procedures will mitigate subjectivity in the claims adjudication process and will enhance the overall efficiency and correctness of the transaction.

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